Everything is possible

Our story

Winning Pitch exists to help businesses and the people behind them grow faster and further than they imagined possible. We provide trusted advice from ambitious start-up through to successful scale-up.

We are one of the most experienced, high growth entrepreneurial coaching businesses in the country, bringing proven business insight and powerful solutions to organisations from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies.

Since our incorporation in 2005, we have served public and private sector clients in many diverse locations – from Glasgow to Cardiff, Preston to Cambridge and London to Frankfurt. We now address a community of almost 10,000 fast growing businesses.

For ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners we help them realise their true potential. For local and central Government we design, deliver and manage often complex and high value public sector supported business growth contracts.

Most importantly Winning Pitch is known for its passion, expert coaching, down to earth advice, fresh thinking and ‘roll our sleeves up’ attitude. We use them all to drive success and deliver results.

We don’t advise from afar but believe in working directly alongside people and organisations, helping them overcome hurdles, seize opportunities and exceed their ambitions.

We provide access to proprietary tools from lean start-up techniques, creating a great team and accessing the optimum growth finance all combined to deliver on that entrepreneurial vision.

Since 2005, we have provided invaluable introductions to trusted partners to help business leaders find their success mind-set and you’ll find our experience in just about every area of business and any kind of industry.


  • To date we’ve assisted nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs and growing SMEs to achieve their objectives and leading to the creation of over 15,000 new jobs
  • Our suite of high impact business growth tools consistently delivers breakthrough performance.
  • We’ve helped start-ups launch, entrepreneurs expand, and business leaders grow and then exit their companies.
  • We bring fresh thinking to business growth – and disruptive thinking when it’s needed – to power the companies we work with, large and small, to ever greater success.


Our people are totally committed (and really good fun). Our culture is vibrant, inclusive and always forward looking. And we’re all agreed on one thing…

We believe everything is possible.