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A business structure that works

Doubled in size in the last 2 years

“When you work with a business advisor you have to have empathy with them. You have to believe they actually care about your business. We’ve worked with others and we never saw that, but with Winning Pitch we immediately sensed they would go that extra mile to understand us and what we really needed.

Meet the

Julian Ross



“Winning Pitch enabled us all to find the right roles and responsibilities. I know exactly what the business needs me to do.”

And what I needed was order out of the chaos, some proper structure to the business. I’m good at motivating, I’m good at sales but I know I’m not quite so good at crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, or monitoring the KPIs and managing cashflow.

Winning Pitch got to know us really well and their advice helped everyone in our team be honest about what we can do in the business. It enabled us all to find the right roles and responsibilities and that gave me the freedom to develop new ideas and find new customers.

“They were great about challenging the board on what we were doing. Our goals are clearer than ever. I’ve discovered exactly what it is that the business needs me to do and I’m focused on doing it.”


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