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What could Liberate mean for you?

Liberation Principles, a proven research based methodology, provides the gateway to creating a future that is managed by you and only you. They will enable you to unlock value, de risk your life and put you on the pathway to financial independence.

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In 18 months I have paid off my mortage and finally earn the salary I deserve

Whilst most entrepreneurs dream of running a hassle free company, one that delivers financial rewards commensurate with effort expended, the reality is over 80% of business owners feel they don’t truly benefit from what they have built. The great lifestyle or amazing financial returns expected sometimes fall short of the mark. The process can wear down business owners, culminating in the feeling of wanting to get away from it all and go and do something different.

The danger is without trusted advice the entrepreneur can end up managing business as usual or even worse decline. These experiences can take their toll on the founder’s wellbeing, being your own boss no longer feels like fun and financial independence lies on the dim and distant horizon.

Founders can feel imprisoned by their own business with little knowledge of who to turn to for advice that is trusted, impartial and most of all focused on them.

Becoming a slave to our company is very common, a principal cause of this is too few owners create space to think, firstly about themselves and secondly, their business strategy and direction. The self imposed belief of needing to be present in the office 24/7 gives rise to the unhealthy position of a business becoming highly dependent on a small group of people, very often the founder. Longer term this makes any form of exit or equity release very challenging.

Entrepreneurs must condition themselves to spend less time “in the business and more time on it”. Those leaders who have mastered this art live less stressful lives, they work fewer hours, they find more time for hobbies and passions and ultimately they build companies of greater value.