Liberate will help you plan for an event in your business or life.

Building a secure business – without me in it

It’s time for you to do something new – but you can’t until you’re sure your business and all the people in it will continue to thrive. Maybe you’re ready to step back and enjoy some of that free time you’ve been promising yourself, maybe you’re itching to get on with the next project. Either way you need an exit strategy that protects the business, a succession that rewards and promotes the right people, or a sale or merger that delivers on what you deserve.

It can be one of the most personally challenging stages of a business leader’s career. We know because we have plenty of coaches who’ve been through exactly the same process and Winning Pitch has guided many an entrepreneur towards a seamless and successful exit.

We’ll ask you the questions you won’t always ask yourself. Do you really want to leave or maybe it’s just a different role you need? How important is it to leave a legacy? How can you secure the confidence of long-term customers who are used to finding you at the other end of the phone?

At Winning Pitch we have people who’ve wrestled with exactly the same questions and seen the answers in action. And they’re ready to share them.