Liberate will help you plan for an event in your business or life.

Liberate Advisors

Liberate is delivered by trusted Advisors and Consultants all of whom are unique to the Liberate Service.   They are successful business people in their own right and have run businesses successfully, either as the founder/director or within senior management. In either case these trusted advisors have successfully undertaken a significant business and personal event (MBO, exit, raise development capital, created more personal freedom, succession planning, etc.…).  Each of them has a different background and different skill-sets, which Liberate clients are able to access and ensure they receive the best possible advice.
The advisors will be working at either board or management level delving into The 6 Key Principles of Liberate and ultimately producing action plans and recommendations around how to best assure each principle is met and excellence is achieved.  The Advisors would then work with entrepreneurs and their businesses through the implementation phase of the Liberate service.

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