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The Growth Staircase

Growing and scaling a business is one of the hardest things any Business Owner could attempt to do.

With some 5 million companies in the UK over 99% employ less than 50 staff, climbing up the growth staircase creates challenges and the transition from an owner focused business to one involving greater emphasis on team management is far more difficult than the text books lead us to believe.

Investing in infrastructure – people, premises, equipment, systems and processes whilst keeping a key eye on performance, customer and staff motivation can be demanding.  The further up the staircase an entrepreneur transitions the harder it gets, not surprising that only 50,000 companies employ over 50 staff in the UK.

Winning Pitch has developed the insight and the knowledge to help businesses move up the staircase. We equip them with the trusted advice to predict the challenges ahead and more importantly bring in the expertise needed to help them swiftly move one level.