Growth & Investment

Help me create the maximum number of jobs with the minimum funds

Winning Pitch understand intimately the links and timing between increased sales, financial investment, productivity improvements and growth.

Winning Pitch has designed and delivered the highest impact growth support services in the UK at regional and national levels. We have gathered invaluable lessons from the “best practice” Support Formats and Return On Investment rates operating in the UK’s most successful regions. When we help you tailor your own programme it will draw on all of that knowledge – what we term our proven 3D approach: Discover, Define, Drive. 

How Winning Pitch can help generate jobs in your region

We’ll review your economic ‘vital signs’ analysing your local business stock to identify critical strengths and weaknesses so you can make the very best of the assets you have.

We’ll reveal the sectors with genuine competitive edge. Then we’ll review the impacts upon them that current support services are creating.

We’ll map those businesses with the greatest chance of real growth. It will tell you where in your region lie those firms with the best potential for significant job creation.

We’ll tell you how well their challenges and constraints have been catered for in the past and what future external support is required to deliver on that potential.

We’ll look for the gaps, identifying all and any areas where those vital businesses and sectors need additional and critical provision

We’ll demonstrate what works elsewhere. Winning Pitch can show you how other support bodies have successfully designed and funded programmes that address these business’s particular challenges to growth.