Growth & Investment

Help me scale up small businesses in my region

The businesses that will truly generate growth and jobs for your region are much more likely to be scalable, young small and medium sized enterprises than self-employment start-ups or large companies. Even though it’s the latter that seize the headlines it’s the SMEs that are the true heroes – the businesses that with the right support, advice and funding stand the greatest chance of making the biggest difference.

How Winning Pitch can help you get them growing

We can map and analyse the SMEs in your region. You’ll have a portrait of those with the greatest potential for growth, you’ll know the nature of the support they need and the current gaps holding them back.

We’ll ensure they get the maximum possible backing from public and private scale up services. We’re intimately familiar with growth requirements and services and we’ll show SMEs how to make the best of that help in generating rapid and sustainable scaling.

We’ll develop and tailor support that brings together local delivery partners to address specific local issues. That could mean boosting the number of SMEs aiming to scale up to 250 employees, filling specific skills gaps such as sales expertise, or looking at specialist niche sectors and helping them punch above their weight.

We’ll help you focus on your top 100 job generating businesses by showing you better ways to account manage them.

We can advise on the best delivery strategy that will draw the optimum benefit from existing local arrangements that work alongside your Growth Hub model..

We can identify innovative ways of financing new support programmes from European, Government and regional funds as well as private sector channels.