Growth & Investment

Help me identify and encourage the start-ups that matter

If there were a better way to spot the start-ups that will actually generate growth and jobs for your region, you’d be able to focus your resources far more efficiently. The truth is the majority of them won’t and most new entrepreneurs are simply individuals who’ve made the decision – for good reasons – to become self-employed.

However within that mass of new businesses will be a few that could create jobs beyond expectations.

How can Winning Pitch help you drive them forward?

We’ll demonstrate how other best practice regions have done it. We’ll show you the tailored support they used to identify and tap into scale up businesses, and the ‘cost-per-job’ outcomes achieved.

We can update you on your region’s highest potential new businesses. We maintain a wide community of key local stakeholders who are the regular touchstones for the region’s entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

We interpret live feeds from Companies House highlighting those new start-ups we believe have the greatest chance of scaling.

We can mobilise an exclusive pool of specialist Growth Coaches able to offer the one-to-one support that will move them to a growth trajectory.

We give coaches and participating businesses access to more than 60 proven high growth techniques to help identify a business model that is suitable, scalable and sustainable.