Growth & Investment

Help me make more of our strongest industry sectors

In any region there will be strategically important industries that require your extra focus. If you can unlock the true potential within them they could become powerful engines for growth in your regional economy. We bring our knowledge of how scaling an industry sector requires business improvements in key functional areas to deliver class leading, results driven support.

How Winning Pitch can help you with these sectors

We can map and identify all the target sector businesses in your region, including those that play an indirect role.

We’ll help you understand the market segments that make up this group, as well as their biggest opportunities, toughest growth challenges and the support they currently need.

We can profile the support already available to them through existing local, regional and national business support activities.

We’ll identify the critical gaps in that provision, those niche areas of weakness holding them back from substantial expansion.

We’ll define business support that resonates with the business owner and addresses all the unmet needs within this sector and then we’ll integrate it into the wider business support ecosystem.

We’ll build a delivery team of consultants expert in the target field. They’ll be proven Growth Coaches already familiar with the issues the sector faces and who specialises in scaling businesses within it.

We’ll create a self-financing Growth Community where local leaders within the sector can share best practice, collaborate on new contract opportunities and innovate together to solve their most challenging problems.