Growth & Investment

Case studies

Alys Stuart


Alys Stuart Accountancy

“It never occurred to me I could grow the business and start employing people, but now that is my plan going forward.”

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Emma Woan, Tracy Gardiner, Linda Taylor


Education Business Partnership

“Over this past year we’ve often found ourselves absorbed in the passion of starting our own business, but the Growth Support Programme has enabled us to develop a plan.”

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Debbie Keeble


Heck Food

“We couldn’t grow without that team in place. They’ve risen to the challenge. The work they’ve done means we can leave them to get on with stuff. We can step back and think more strategically.”

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Vix & Lou Lawson


Bough to Beauty Badges

“It made us focus on the few really important priorities that would get the business off the ground – to come up with the best objectives to work towards and not get bogged down in doing a million different things.”

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Chris Cheadle


Northern Dough Company

“Our challenge was to do this properly, to structure our business so we didn’t make the mistakes of so many new ventures with one idea.”

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Julian Ross



“We’ve developed new products and services because I’m focused and have a structure to the business that looks after the things I’m not good at doing.” i-Know has doubled in size in the last 2 years.

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