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Developing mental toughness and a mind to succeed

Successful entrepreneurs possess a unique, go-getting spirit – but it’s still one that needs a little support from time to time. Mental toughness is a talent that will steer you through the setbacks that discourage others and reveal the opportunities many never spot.

However, like any talent it needs to be honed. Winning Pitch recognises that helping entrepreneurs with their personal development is a vital part of growing a business. In the first stages of a new enterprise it might just be more important than anything else…

That’s why we’ve developed our Winning Mindset coaching programme – like a squeeze of mental lemon juice to sharpen up your business thinking.

If you want to improve your focus and concentration, build your resilience and confidence, shrug off doubts and a fear of failure, there’ll be a module in our programme helping you target and tone up that skill. Discover how to learn from setbacks and turn them to your advantage. Learn when to delegate and how to do it best.

We can even teach you how to switch off occasionally. Yes it is possible and along with everything else Winning Pitch can show you, you’ll become a stronger, more able and more positive ‘business thinker’.

 10 ways to prepare your mind for high performance – by John Leach CEO Winning Pitch

Winning Pitch CEO John Leach is an expert on helping business leaders cultivate their mental toughness and has authored several books showing entrepreneurs how to train and focus their thinking. Here are his ten tips on how to dispatch those internal voices when they start to tell you it can’t be done…

  • Learn to be conscious of your ‘internal conversations’, spot the negative ones and address them straight away. Don’t leave them to grow
  • Create space to think fresh, positive thoughts
  • Speak to positive people who’ll lift your spirits
  • Seek out the things that put wings under your soul – music, sport, hobbies, personal passions – and allow yourself to revel in them
  • Write down your thoughts and combat each negative one with a positive action to take
  • Some people will always be negative – so give them a wide berth!
  • Connect with nature even if it’s walking the dog or going for a run
  • Remember that most of the things you’re worrying about right now will never actually happen.
  • Always think in the present. Keep experimenting. Get on with it.
  • Die a happy death… OK, so it’s a morbid thought, but there are few others quite so good at getting you motivated to take action

“The way you think governs the way you behave and act – so beware what you’re thinking about. The ability to master the mind is what differentiates winners from runners up. The real entrepreneurial stars are the ones who can easily switch into their ‘higher states’ when needed – the state where we can look at opportunities and challenges with the same positive and courageous mental attitude.”

John Leach

CEO Winning Pitch


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