Growth & Investment

Time to get investment for your business

That first injection of outside cash can transform a new business and set it on the road to success. It might be one of the most important financial decisions your business ever makes. So how do you know when the time is right, what type of finance to choose and how to get ready for the intense scrutiny that’s about to come your way…?

Winning Pitch has spent years helping start-ups and new businesses find the right finance to get them going or get them growing faster. It’s a different process from raising investment for established companies and comes with its own specific set of challenges. We know just what they are.

We’ll explain the different ways of raising capital – pros, cons and ramifications further down the line – and help you analyse each to decide which is best for you.

To win over investors you’ll have to be crystal clear about what makes your business idea special and full of potential. So we’ll ask you some uncomfortable questions. We know the tests investors will apply to your business plan, which means we can rehearse you in them, iron out the weaknesses, strengthen your sales story, and send you into the negotiations knowing exactly why you need this money, what you’ll do with it – and why your new business deserves it. 

Whether borrowing money or raising investment capital Winning Pitch will help you choose the best route to finance and get your business in shape to win whatever you need.