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Nomoshobo – predicts more than 20 employees within 3 years

Wednesday, August 9 2017

Nomoshobo has been selected for the Welsh Government’s Accelerated Growth programme

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A to Z of You – ‘G’ is for…

Friday, August 28 2015

Strategies based on a win-at-all-costs mentality rarely lead to happy outcomes. They may achieve riches but...

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A to Z of You – ‘F’ is for…

Friday, August 21 2015

If you intend to lead or win over the views and minds of others, you must be flexible in your thinking, attitude and work style, even if...

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A to Z of You – ‘E’ is for…

Friday, August 14 2015

A recurring finding from research into success shows that taking action is the single most important contributory factor.....

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For Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Market segment strategy for this eco-friendly brand

Tuesday, August 11 2015

'Bough to Beauty Badges' used business coaching from Winning Pitch for brand and marketing advice on their sustainable wooden badges business. This encouraged them to look beyond finding customers, to finding the right customers.

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A to Z of You – ‘D’ is for…

Saturday, August 8 2015

While many key people will support you as you grow your business, ultimately it will be your own drive that makes it happen.

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For Programme Funders

Driving Lancashire’s SMEs

Friday, August 7 2015

Lancashire has one of the largest local economies in the North of England, valued at more than £23 billion and based on a rich industrial tradition. It’s grown steadily in the last decade with more than 40,000 business employing in excess of 600,000 people, yet despite the success of hotspot cities such as...

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