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Strategic Business Growth Win for Winning Pitch

Wednesday, July 12 2017

Winning Pitch has been awarded a strategic business growth programme for small and medium sized businesses by Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

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Winning Pitch – Committed to Equality & Diversity

Friday, July 29 2016

Winning Pitch is committed to integrating the principles of equality and diversity into everything we do. This means that when we deliver services we do this in such a way that all our clients’ needs are met regardless of any aspect of their diversity.

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For Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Numbers add up to future growth for accountancy start-up

Friday, July 22 2016

Preston Accountancy firm helped by Boost Business Lancashire.

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As events are arranged they will be posted here

Sunday, December 31 2017

Winning Pitch runs events to recruit companies to business support programmes and also learning & development events for businesses & entrepreneurs who are already taking advantrage of this business support.

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A to Z of You – ‘C’ is for…

Friday, July 31 2015

C is for………….Community. Communities are like great big pots of capability. Don’t be a passive observer in your community network, be vocal, let your thoughts be known...

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For Business Leaders

When internal problems stall business ambitions

Saturday, July 25 2015

Find out how one SWOT session with Winning Pitch led to a business improving communications, re-energising its staff and clearing the hurdles for growth.

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A to Z of You – ‘B’ is for…

Friday, July 24 2015

...Your Personal Brand. Brands are powerful; having a strong personal brand can be just as influential...

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The A to Z of You

Friday, July 17 2015
A to Z

A weekly guide to what business leaders think...when they think about themselves. There’s business development. Then there’s personal development. Introducing our new series where every Friday, with the handy assistance of the alphabet, we offer a few words of encouragement to business leader wrestling with those deeper questions.

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For Business Leaders

The art of writing better bids

Friday, July 10 2015

Have you distilled what the client needs? Are you talking about them or blowing your own trumpet? Would two perfectly crystallised pages be better than 70 rambling ones?... Check out our Pain Points series for tips on writing winning bids.

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