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Winning Pitch – Committed to Equality & Diversity

By Winning Pitch, July 29, 2016

July 2016

Winning Pitch is committed to integrating the principles of equality and diversity into everything we do. This means that when we deliver services we do this in such a way that all our clients’ needs are met regardless of any aspect of their diversity.  We are proud to hold certification assessed by the C2E organisation for our commitment to Equality.

We aim to deliver an inclusive service that takes into account the fact that there may be individuals who face barriers and experience difficulties in accessing mainstream services. It is our goal that all our clients regardless of their diversity or background will expect and enjoy high quality customer service that we pride ourselves on.

Through its internal performance management system we also ensure that all our staff are set performance objectives on Diversity and Equality and have a thorough understanding of the organisations commitment to equality and diversity and the role each and every employee and associate has to play.  

Our principles are:

  • To behave ethically and legally in the delivery of our services
  • To deliver high quality services that demonstrate value for local communities
  • To be aware of and accept our responsibilities
  • To ensure equal access to all our clients and fair treatment
  • To ensure that Winning Pitch’s policies and procedures are adhered to in providing services
  • To focus on outcomes for clients, adopting a flexible approach to service delivery

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