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The businesses that will truly generate growth and jobs for your region are much more likely to be scalable, young small and medium sized enterprises than self-employment start-ups or large companies. Even though it’s the latter that seize the headlines it’s the SMEs that are the true heroes – the businesses that with the right support, advice and funding stand the greatest chance of making the biggest difference.

Winning Pitch has designed and delivered the highest impact growth support services in the UK at regional and national levels. We have gathered invaluable lessons from global “best practice” and analysed Support Formats and Return On Investment rates operating in the UK’s most successful regions. When we help you tailor your own programme it will draw on all of that knowledge – what we term our proven 3D approach: Discover, Define, Drive.

We can map and analyse the SMEs in your region. You’ll have a portrait of those with the greatest potential for growth, you’ll know the nature of the support they need and the current gaps holding them back.

We’ll develop and tailor support that brings together local delivery partners to address specific local issues. That could mean boosting the number of SMEs aiming to scale up to 250 employees, filling specific skills gaps such as sales expertise, or looking at specialist niche sectors and helping them punch above their weight.

We have a deep empathy with the small business and the high growth journey, our models are built on accumulated learning from supporting 13,000 UK SMEs plus our extensive networks, relationships and resources embedded in each region – we have an unrivalled understanding of the business landscape.

We support growth businesses on behalf of the public sector and have a track record of delivering economic impact in the regions we operate – our business support credentials have results in over 23,000 jobs and almost £1Bn of GVA since 2005. 

On our Accelerated Growth Programme in Wales, we have enabled over £200M of investment to clients, who have delivered an additional £120M of exports and created over 5,000 jobs.  We operate at scale and are now delivering jobs to local economies at a cost of less than £2000 to the public purse. 

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