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We have a deep empathy with the small business and the high growth journey, our models are built on accumulated learning from supporting 13,000 UK SMEs plus our extensive networks, relationships and resources.

We work closely with the business owner to really understand what drivers and issues are important.

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We work with you and your business team in a variety of ways including small group workshops, peer-peer ‘boardroom’ scenarios and personal 1-2-1 coaching covering the following modules/Growthology Tools:

  • Business Model Canvas

  • 3-Year Visioning Orbit

  • Single Page Growth plan

  • Personalised Action Plan templates

The Outcomes

These help the business owner to embrace a growth mindset and enables them to: 

  • think and grow big… unleash the Success Factor mindset

  • map out a new or revised Business Model that has scalability designed in.

  • create their own 3-year Vision which acts as a blueprint for success

  • develop a one-year Single Page Growth Plan to convert their strategic intent into an operational reality

  • overcome the limiting beliefs that are too all often the biggest constraint on growth and success

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