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These workshops are designed to strengthen our provision of business support services across the Humber, providing a range of new products and services for SMEs to access under the banner of #GrowMySME.

There are three main schemes being delivered through #GrowMySME:

·       ICT for Growth

·       Finance for Growth

·       Business Growth Scheme

Each of the schemes has a budget for workshop delivery – the Accessing Finance strand will be delivered as part of the Finance for Growth Scheme.  We are already delivering under the Business for Growth Scheme.

The Accessing Finance workshop programme shall involve the provision of a series of Full Day (8 hours), half day (4 hours) face-to-face workshops plus One to One and One to Many Masterclasses (2 hours).

These sessions shall be operated on a call-off basis to enable the programme to maintain its flexibility and ability to respond to demand and new opportunities.

The programme is open to all SMEs resident in the Humber LEP region


For further information call 0161 952 4350 or email our enquiries desk at:        

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