Research indicates that senior executives and managers often miss out on opportunities to develop new skills, with company training budgets usually directed towards other areas of the business.


The Business Growth Hub’s fully-funded Executive Development Programme has been implemented to change this. Executive teams and business owners from eligible SMEs across Greater Manchester are able to work with experienced business coaches on a whole range of issues.


Who is the service for?


This is an in-depth, bespoke programme whereby your company is matched with a business coach/trainer who can then work with executives, either individually or as a team, to develop their leadership skills. These can cover a very specific business issue, such as an acquisition or succession planning, or be part of a wider, more generic learning process.


This flexible programme is also a superb resource for owners of smaller SMEs, who have neither a board of directors with whom to discuss ideas, nor the funds to pay for their own business coach.


About the service


The programme begins with an initial assessment of your business by one of the Hub’s executive development advisors, which will identify whether it is eligible for support (see below). This will also evaluate the ways in which the business will benefit from the programme and how the support will directly influence either the creation or safeguarding of jobs.


This business diagnostic, which takes about one and a half hours, also covers areas such as business strategy, mission and how information is disseminated across the business and helps to identify the skills the executive team needs to be able to grow the business.


Once funding is confirmed, each executive on the programme completes a simple survey, which will assess the importance of the 20 most common leadership areas to individual roles, and how effective the individual is at carrying them out.


By identifying the key areas where training is needed, the Hub is able to match you with the right provider, who can then tailor an individual programme of activity. This will consist of 18 hours of training that can be a mixture of individual and group-based activities, workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one coaching.


  • Areas of support

  • Analytical skills

  • Business acumen

  • Leading organisations

  • Strategic ability

  • Talent management

  • Working with others

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Setting and managing priorities

  • Critical thinking


Eligibility and criteria


The programme supports businesses where the launch of new products, processes and services can help the business to grow, as well as create and/ or safeguard jobs,


In order for the Hub to access funding for the programme, it needs to collect baseline data for each business and also monitor the programme’s impact at quarterly intervals for up to 12 months.


Our providers


The Hub is working with a range of providers who offer a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills, covering many different industries and sectors. These include those with specific backgrounds in areas such as manufacturing, quality control and human resources, to coaches who concentrate on the emotional side of running a business, helping business owners to avoid stress and other pitfalls.


How to access the service or to find our more, please contact:

Email: info@businessgrowthhub.com

Tel: 0161 359 3050

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