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A caring mentality

To get your people successfully helping you in pursuit of your vision, it’s important that they care about what they are aiming for. They should be bound together by a force that is supportive of each other, with everyone working towards a common goal. Successful teams comprise a group of individuals all heading in the same direction with a united sense of purpose, with every member clearly understanding the role they have to play.

Caring is a powerful human emotion that engages others. Those teams that care are far more likely to achieve what they set out to achieve than those that don’t. It is quite common for a successful team to be motivated by the fear of letting others down – those that matter to them, whether customers, fans, followers or family. Equally, this passion could be fuelled by respect of the leader and the other team members and a desire to support them as strongly as possible. This deep-rooted sense of caring almost acts as performance booster. When it is shared by a group of individuals, it becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Take time to reflect on your own team’s performance. Is the spirit of caring truly woven through the fabric of the team? Sit down as a group and define very clearly what is it you care about? Build it into the team ethos and openly talk about it.

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