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A famous - or should it be infamous - research study in the early 1990's came up with a frightening statistic; that some 95% of business strategies were never fully or successfully implemented. Often different bits of the company are pulling in different directions - usually without realising it!

A high growth business needs everyone pulling in the same direction - and that means they need some tools and techniques to deploy their strategy. In other words to communicate the strategy, gain people's commitment and translate it into activities or actions. At Winning Pitch we have a number of simple but effective methodologies for:

Distilling a company's strategy into a visual, easy to understand, format

Identifying what needs to be done - to achieve the objectives set down in the plan

Cascading the plan down and across the business such that everyone understands and is bought into 'the bigger picture' – and can identify what their bit of the business needs to do to help achieve each of the objectives

Dividing the plan into bite sized chunks; some key projects, such as the successful introduction of new products, that need to be brought in to time, to budget and with the intended outcomes, if the strategy is to succeed

If you haven't got such things in your business, don't be surprised if the wheels come off the wagon and your high growth simply isn't sustained. The following diagram shows the sort of vicious circle you can find yourself in, if you lack clear purpose and direction

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