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Act as if!

Our ability to move towards bigger and better futures is largely dictated by our attitude and behaviour. The underpinning desire to make breakthroughs in personal and professional performance proves to be a characteristic of many winning individuals.

Mental conditioning and creating the right mindset is often the starting point for getting us on track for the success we want! The creative technique “Act as If” proves to be an effective tool for making success and winning happen! This helps to create the “Winning Mind”

Some thoughts:

  • There is an old proverb that says, “fake it, till you make it”. “Act as If” builds on the principle that your mindset and belief system should adopt that of the winning mind and person you want to be.

  • Build a clear picture of the future that you want, the job you desire or the goal you want to achieve. Think of individuals who have achieved what you want to achieve and list in detail what you believe to be their behaviours, strategies and tactics.

  • Be clear on the world these individuals “live in” how they do things and what makes them successful

  • The list you have created should act as the template for the mindset and tactics that you now need to embrace in your daily thinking.

  • Start to act as if you are the successful and winning person you want to be, but remember mindset must be accompanied by action - the combination of the correct mindset and action driven by your goals is a very powerful combination!

  • This approach will help you to create the correct atmosphere for “Winning”

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