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Back up words with actions

The ability to deliver what you set out to achieve and what you promise to others will have a massive impact on your reputation – it’s how others will judge you. It also becomes a barometer of credibility, trust and capability. When you produce winning results, you will have a positive impact on those around you. This in turn attracts positive situations and people.

You’re following your passion, so you should be enthusiastic about what you want to achieve and excited by the prospect of success. This can really rub off on others, who will be attracted by your energy and purpose. But you need to be careful what you say to people and who you say it to, as you don’t want to gain a reputation for being all talk and no action. People could well hold you accountable for your comments if you don’t come up with the goods, so avoid getting carried away and make sure you can back up everything you say.

Successful individuals develop a strong reputation for delivering results. Sports stars win trophies, great teachers ensure their pupils get top grades, and leading entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.

But it can be all too easy to wax lyrically about what you’re going to do, without thinking of the consequences of not measuring up. Consistent failure to deliver on promises is a common feature of under performers and of individuals who lack credibility.

Always erring on the side of caution and under-promising will mean you’ll frequently over-deliver. This will make you stand out from the crowd and position you as a credible individual who goes about their life with a focus on delivering results.

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