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Be different

The successful, high growth, business isn't a 'me too' outfit. It will be doing things differently. Note we do mean different. Not just trying to be that little bit better, cheaper, faster - that's taken as read. The really dynamic business has products and services that are appreciably different, the service and support it provides is markedly superior to anything provided by anyone else, the company is truly ahead of the game.

"No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success by being a conformist"

John Paul Getty

You must therefore be innovative. Doing new things and in new ways is part of what it means to work for your business. In high growth businesses:-

  • taking risks is encouraged

  • new ideas and innovations are both recognised and rewarded

  • everyone is continually looking for new and better ways of doing things

  • developing radically new products and services is a permanent part of the landscape

  • there are links with local Universities, R&D operations

  • there is a continuous dialogue with customers about new ideas, products and other potential innovations

  • there is a thirst for new knowledge, ideas and new technology that could help solve the customer's problems

Be different! Stand out from the Crowd!

Or settle for mediocrity - and a boring, soul destroying, nine to five lifestyle.

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