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Be prepared

There's an old saying "Bull Baffles Brains". That's how selling used to operate. However it just doesn't work any more - maybe it never did.

First impressions matter, especially with a prospective new customer. Customer focused companies ensure that their front line staff are prepared, when they meet a potential new customer they are armed. Before they meet a new customer, the truly customer focused business ensures that:

The market has been researched, decision makers identified, prospects qualified (yes they do buy those products and do have authority to place orders). They avoid 'time wasters' those people who will happily meet you but have no input to the buying decision and no budget

The sales representative is prepared. He or she has a batch of case studies, technical data sheets, testimonials – and not just an irrelevant glossy brochure with examples that the prospective customer won't be able to identify with.

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