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Being flexible

In your quest to give more, and so shorten your journey to realising your vision, you can gain more from being open to other ways of approaching problems or performing tasks. Offering people a number of options, doing what you can to accommodate others’ requirements and being prepared to change your way of thinking or working in response to circumstances will give the impression that you are doing your utmost to deliver the best service.

Building this level of flexibility into what you do can lead to big improvements in a number of areas that are key to your success, such as your reputation and credibility, and forging strong relationships with people that matter. Individuals that consider their way to be the

only way can be extremely difficult to work with on both a professional and personal level. Going the extra mile will frequently require you to display alternative ways of working, ones that do away with a single-minded viewpoint. Your mindset should accommodate different

perspectives to achieve the desired outcome.

You will be valued for your flexibility, because it will show that you are prepared to be open and listen to others in order to understand their viewpoint, and then work with them to achieve mutual satisfaction. If it is your intention to lead or win over the views of others, you must be flexible in your thinking, attitude and work style – even if, in some instances, this may feel uncomfortable.

As you progress through your life and career, you will come across many different personalities. Success means that you may have to adapt your approach to suit the situation. Be conscious of the way in which you interact with others – do you dismiss views too easily or do you embrace them? Even if you do not agree with people, frankness and openness with a respectful reason will demonstrate that you have an appreciation of their position and, therefore, a flexible mindset.

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