Beware short cuts

Although you’ll want to get to where to you want to be as quickly as possible, it’s important to dedicate all your efforts to acquiring the skills and experience you’ll need to succeed, rather than spending your time thinking up quick fixes or short cuts.

“Get rich quick” and “easy” routes to success have dominated the media in recent years. But the truth is that they create unrealistic expectations for the naïve individual. If something seems far too good to be true, then it probably is. And although such a scheme may appear

to potentially put you on a fast track, you will invariably get derailed along the way.

What’s more, if it does work, and propel you to success quickly, you’re unlikely to be prepared for it. This means that you could well lose your grip on it all too easily and let it slip through your fingers. There’s also the chance that, as you have not displayed the effort and commitment that most successful people have to put it in pursuit of their dream, people will view you with scepticism, making it difficult for you to gain respect and credibility.

If, in your expediency, you’ve also been tempted to bend the rules, you may be branded as unprofessional and even a cheat, which could severely tarnish your reputation. All of which will increase the chances of your rapid rise being followed by a dramatic fall.

Too many people waste their natural talents and fail to put in the required effort so vital for success. Taking short cuts will lead you down blind alleys. You may get lucky but the odds are definitely stacked against you. You’d be far better advised to plan your ascent carefully,

so that when you reach the summit, you’ll be able to stay there for the long term.

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