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Blow their minds!

  • Delighting customers has been a key feature of customer service speak over the years. Winning Pitch believes that the new age should be about “blowing their minds”. This means that as individuals and businesses we should pursue a strategy and philosophy of constant and never ending innovation! Consider the following:

  • In the old days customers wanted cheaper, quicker, faster and better. Today this is a commodity. Customers want to be inspired; you must apply innovation and imagination to your offer.

  • Allow yourself time to fantasise and think about new ideas for your customer - look at what 'the best' do by way of brilliant customer service.

  • Often the really good ideas start with the wackiest ones so don’t dismiss them, they could be the breakthrough you need.

  • Sometimes the most impossible ideas have the most useful content - distil the bits that make sense and apply them.

  • Take care of the detail - sometimes just getting the basics right can make the big difference. The attention to detail delivers quality. People will then go and tell others. All too often companies roll out the big idea and forget the basics.

  • Develop a customer charter and that tells the customer what they are going to get - stick to it, publicise it and deliver to your promises - then there is no misunderstanding.

  • Allow for some' lazy time' with your team to come up with ideas that will blow the customers mind but won't break the bank. Throw innovation at new possibilities and - not just money.

  • Remove the “can’t do” vocabulary within the business and think what are the alternatives?

  • Catalogue all the great experiences customers have had with you and make sure you tell everyone about them - BANG THE DRUM!

Maintain the fact that Customers pay the wages

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