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Bricks and mortar are not enough

Over the last few years the UK has seen some great examples of regeneration. These new facilities provide the physical infrastructure to support the growth, development and investment of businesses - a fundamental aspect of economic regeneration.

Whilst physical regeneration goes a long way to support increased entrepreneurial activity, what is often difficult to find is high quality business support. At the end of the day, bricks and mortar merely provide the shell for entrepreneurs to go about their business. Coaching, development, access to markets, expertise in finance and the creation of networks that stimulate “deal flow” are vital.

Merely providing the bricks and mortar to house new and established businesses is insufficient if we truly want to build thriving communities. It is now time to look at the softer end of regeneration - easily accessible high quality business support that unlocks the potential of those entrepreneurs that create new futures and possibilities for others.

When it gets down to brass tacks, vibrant economies and communities are created by passionate individuals with the desire to drive change and achieve “bigger and better” - bricks and mortar are merely the enabler.

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