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Build your team

Any successful person will tell you that working with others is vital to realising their goals. This means you must take a team approach to everything you do – whether that involves leading or being part of one. You must embrace a team and cooperative mindset – this team

could be friends, family, colleagues or your own team – or perhaps a combination of all of these.

You must be honest with yourself and own up to your strengths and weaknesses. Then you need to establish where you need help. Having pinned down the skills you’re looking for, it’s vital that you find the people with the right talents, but also the appropriate personality. Get

any of these elements wrong and rather than helping you towards your goal, your team could hinder your mission and at worst send you flying off course.

This chapter not only looks at building a team in the correct way, but also considers how you can get the most out of your existing team, so that you can more surely and swiftly head in the right direction towards your dream. After all, the closest thing to becoming a success

on your own terms, is sharing it with the people who have climbed the mountain with you.

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