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Building a reputation

As you strive for success, you must excel at your given vocation, talent or field of expertise. This is called functional mastery – the practice of being a recognised contributor or expert in your chosen sphere of activity. It will help you build a strong personal reputation, as well as credibility, both of which are vital components of the success jigsaw. When you exhibit high degrees of functional mastery, others will respect and value your opinions and trust your judgement.

All too often people expect others to accept their views, without displaying any substance to enhance their credibility. This makes it difficult for people to put any weight on what they say or take it seriously. A lack of credibility will inevitably lead to an uphill struggle for success.

On the other hand, building a great reputation will support personal endeavours when your peer group, team or individuals need to be turned to your way of thinking. If people respect your credentials and your expertise in your chosen field, then they are far more likely to listen to your views, take on board your comments and advice, act on it and help you on your way.

However, it takes time and effort to build a good reputation, and this is something that only you can make happen – it is certainly not built overnight. Not only do you have to learn the necessary skill, but you also have to deliver. Fulfilling on your promise is what people remember you for.

Ultimately, your reputation becomes your licence to engage with others. It will attract other likeminded individuals and help to build relationships with those that can help you on your way.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” - Benjamin Franklin

Do you have a great reputation – are you a functional master?

  • Are you positively acknowledged and respected by your peer group?

  • Are you immersed in your chosen field?

  • Do you excel in your trade or profession?

  • Is it evident that you are making a difference to your team or community?

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