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Building a strong personal brand

It is widely recognised that people tend to buy brands they feel comfortable with and trust. Winning Pitch believes in the old adage that people buy people – so what does this mean for personal brands?

Great careers and businesses are built on individuals building strong relationships. The importance of our personal brand is underlined when we consider the important research finding that 70% of a customer's 'decision to buy' is based on personal chemistry.

We need to think of ourselves as brands, and consider how we can develop our brand to support personal progression and attainment of peak performance.

Some thoughts on building a personal brand:

  • There are 3 drivers of a great personal brand:

  • Functional Mastery - What do you stand for? – Your expertise and knowledge

  • Social Mastery – your ability to communicate – your networks and associations

  • Spiritual Mastery – personal values, integrity, decent, honest and true

  • When you become recognised as an expert in “something” others trust you

  • Credibility and trust comes with being an expert - it determines what others think about you - they will respect your view

  • Great brands communicate very effectively and clearly with the outside world - great personalities relate to others very effectively and build strong relationships with others

  • Great personal brands build strong associations and partnerships with other credible individuals and communities – they become successful by association

  • Great personal brands deliver on their promises and are perceived as decent, honest and true individuals

  • When we have a strong personal view on a particular subject matter and we communicate with a sense of conviction – passion results

  • When we build a strong personal brand we build a great reputation – others take you seriously and they listen to your thoughts views and opinions

  • Great personal reputations spread like a virus others will recommend you and “buy you”

  • Winning people have strong personal brands – people buy people!

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