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Building momentum

Success is built on dreams - but it won't happen by magic. So many people fail to reach their full potential, the main reason being that they just keep thinking and neglect to remember.

"They need to do the doing!"

Some thoughts:

  • Success is 20% strategy - 80% doing

  • Work on the basis of: life is unfair and owes you nothing - a great starting point

  • Are winners born or made - THEY ARE MADE

  • New Scientist research shows that success is down to:

    • 1% inspiration

    • 29% good tuition

    • 70% hard work

  • The difference between success and failure is often down to just taking action

  • If you fail - fail fast and move on

  • Life often presents us with a window of opportunity - that may be a new career prospect, a sales lead, or a ... When this happens listen to your guts and jump through to grasp it!

  • Constantly push your comfort zones, this will drag you into new areas and possibilities

  • If what you are doing is giving you the same unacceptable result - then do something different

  • It's down to you to make it happen - so stop blaming everyone else when it goes wrong!

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