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Building resolve

Life’s full of ups and downs. The highs drive us forward, while the lows can drag us down. The key to successfully achieving your vision is to make the most of the impetus that the highs bring, but prepare yourself mentally for the lows, so that they don’t sap your will to succeed.

Constantly being forced to explore alternative roads to our desired destination will be wearing and you may find yourself asking: “What’s the point in doing this? Is it really worth it?”

At these critical points, it can be easier to give up than to carry on – but to be successful you will have to dig deep, maintain focus and continue with your mission, and accept that setbacks are just part of the game plan.

When you plan your interim goals to reach the summit of your vision, you will consider the challenges at each stage and plan to change your mindset accordingly. But there will also be unexpected challenges in between, and their cumulative effect will really test your resolve. If your vision is true and your passion strong, then you will be able to cope with the setbacks and return stronger and more determined to succeed.

If you really want it, you will have an insatiable desire and the will to succeed. Building this mental toughness is one of the most important ingredients for success. It is vital to condition your mind to becoming resilient. Without it, winning becomes more difficult.

So take strength from adversity. When it all seems too much, reflect calmly on why you’re doing this. Remind yourself what you’re striving for, that it was never going to be easy and that you have confidence in your own ability to succeed. After all, the harder the road, the greater the feeling of achievement at the end, and the sweeter the taste.

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