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Building your own personal brand

Beyond understanding your proposition and being impressed by your pitch, when people ‘purchase’ what you offer, they will also be buying into you – and to a certain extent, your vision. As this is your dream you are pursuing and, therefore, your operation to achieve it, you are likely to be the figurehead. From Virgin’s Richard Branson to easyJet’s Stelios, more and more organisations are using their figureheads to engage with their audiences and support their proposition and brand. In a highly competitive environment, it can help you create a key point of difference.

To do this effectively, you need to develop your own personal brand that is strongly aligned with your vision and any operation you are leading. And you need to do this very carefully and with a lot of thought as you are linking your reputation directly to that of your organisation and your offer. You also have to prepare your mindset so that you are reflecting your brand. Obviously your image must be sympathetic, relevant and attractive to your audience, as it needs to have an affinity with you, ideally both emotionally and functionally.

Ultimately, this is all about your personal chemistry. Successful people have a powerful ability to connect with others through their personality and personal power. Start to cultivate your personal brand, as the success of future relationships, partnerships and connections will largely hinge on how others view and perceive you.

Think about your own personal brand and how you are perceived. Do the best job you can, develop an ability to engage with your community effectively and be a great communicator. Also be clear on what you stand for and don’t deviate from a strong ethical position. By doing this you will build a strong personal brand – one that others will want to associate with.

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