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Much discussion has focused on the importance of confidence in winning. So the key questions are:

  • How do you become more confident?

  • How do you overcome lack of confidence?

  • What do confident people do?

One of life’s ironies is the fact that when you finally master a tough job you make it look easy. The answer to the confidence issue lies in this last statement. Experience shows that confidence is a function of how well we are prepared.

When we are poorly prepared we often have that sense of anxiety that brings about a lack of confidence and a bad performance. The opposite is very true - when we are fully prepared anxiety is not as pronounced and we generally deliver a more effective performance.

The issue of confidence is a complex subject and does need due consideration of belief’s, comfort zones and behaviour. However having bags of confidence is 80% preparation. Turning up to a presentation, meeting or interview without having done all the necessary preparation is not a wise thing to do - no wonder lack of confidence kicks in! The more you prepare the more confident you will become!

Sometimes we over complicate very basic issues.

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