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Connect to a community

In whatever arena you want to succeed, you’ll benefit from identifying and ultimately joining a relevant community, where individuals with common interests share and connect with each other. By doing so you’ll meet like-minded people whose experiences, thoughts and attitudes could make a big contribution to your own success.

The entrepreneurial world has seen a dramatic rise in the number of business networking groups, acting as a source of personal and business development. These groups encourage networking and interaction. Not only do they stimulate business activity, but they also act as a portal of real-life experiences that help you make tough decisions and face key


Beyond business, thanks to the internet and digital technology, there has been a growth in support groups and social networks that allow people to build relationships, and share problems and best practice. They range from Facebook to more specific online groups that frequently organise events to allow their members to meet up face to face. They’re great

for encouraging individuals to channel their passion, they can prove motivational and help you to raise the bar.

Be an active member of your community network, and you’re likely to be repaid several times over. Don’t ignore the opportunities to connect and spread the word that Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites provide. They offer a great opportunity to broaden your connections and create advocates. Over time you can build a Golden

Circle of Connectors – people whose opinions and inputs you both trust and respect, and who can help you to make things happen.

Building links with key communities will help you to move forward.

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