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Control the things you can

Your focus on becoming a success should be so strong that you want to influence or control everything that may have an impact on it. As a result, generally, your destiny can largely be guided by your thoughts, actions and behaviours. However, there will always also be external factors at play that you can’t control, which could have an impact on your ambitions. These could vary from environmental factors, through to political and social issues, as well as the behaviour and actions of other people.

However, success comes from managing the factors you can control, not those you can’t. Embracing this principle will get you motivated to move forward on those pressing issues that need dealing with. Focusing on factors outside your sphere of influence can create unnecessary stress and reduce the effectiveness of your actions.

Worrying about things you have no influence over can become a dangerous preoccupation, as it will take you no closer to your goal, and will simply waste valuable time you could be dedicating to doing this. What’s more, your mental strength can be eroded by the enormity of the task associated with dwelling on the things you can’t change. Focusing on those you can is the only way forward, while being ready to deal with the unexpected, should the situation arise.

When you master the art of controlling the controllable, you’ll be directing all your available energy towards success, and will gain a better balance between activity and thinking.

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