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Creating alignment

You’ll need to think up a strategy – an idea or project – to kick start your journey towards fulfilling your vision. Depending on your aims, this could be anything from applying for a new job or getting a community project off the ground, to gaining a qualification or setting up a small business.

This strategy may help you attain the first of your interim goals or carry you through a number of them on the way to achieving your vision. Whatever your plan is, it’s vital that your first project is successful. Failure could seriously dent your ambition. So you need to take a step back from your vision and disengage your passion for a moment to consider the practicalities of what you’re about to embark on.

This is not about being negative. It’s about making sure you have the necessary elements in place to make the project a success before ploughing ahead. Your passion and purpose are vital, but you also need to think carefully about the tactics you plan to use. You will need to

assess and manage the risks that will undoubtedly exist and strike a balance between bravery and recklessness, using your head as well as your heart, and making sure you have the necessary resources.

Approaching new ventures and projects with a kamikaze and gung-ho mindset could result in disaster. Carefully considering how you launch your journey to ensure a successful start will be crucial in building self confidence and creating a solid platform for the future. If you can assess the pros and cons of a project from an objective and dispassionate viewpoint, then you can be secure in the knowledge that you possess one of the qualities necessary for being successful.

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