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Creating an extended salesforce

When you delight your customers, you will find that they become an extension of you or your sales force. Experience shows that when a customer receives great attention they become an ambassador and they spread the word of how good the experience was!

Here are some thoughts on how to create customer ambassadors:

  1. Better, quicker, cheaper and faster (er's) are becoming almost a commodity item - customers, as well as the er’s, want to experience - Imagination, Innovation and Inspiration - The I’s!

  2. Build up a network of associates and valued partnerships with other complementary suppliers that you can recommend - making sensible introductions to other quality providers that don’t compete with you will demonstrate that you care!

  3. Be sure to return calls and emails within an acceptable time frame - that should be within the day!

  4. Take time to build your personal brand

  5. Keep in touch and feed through information that brings value and informs your customers

  6. Make the experience memorable - that often means giving something that was not expected - this delivers the “WoW” - it does not necessarily have to cost money!

  7. Throw innovation at customer problems and constantly think of new and fresh approaches that will help you stand out from the crowd

  8. Practice the concept of customer visualisation - what would your customer want to hear - this helps you to press the right buttons!

  9. Remember that the customer wants an experience - don’t fall into the 'me too' brigade!

  10. Remember that personal relationships are the basis upon which great businesses are made - 70% of a customers' decision to buy is based on how you treat them. Referrals and repeat business are the most satisfying routes to securing revenue - LOWER COST OF SALES!

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