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Creative intelligence

Creative intelligence is the ability to come up with new ideas that bring value to an organisation or individual performance. Creative Intelligence and Creative Capital are vital in today’s ever increasingly competitive environment. We must stand out from the crowd and be memorable in the eyes of customers and stakeholders.

The underpinning components of developing our Creative Intelligence include:

  • The ability to use both sides of our brain to unlock the power of this supercomputer. The left side is the logical thinking and the right side is creative thinking. Combining and maximising the potential that resides within is the starting point to embracing creative intelligence

  • Use mind-mapping techniques to make thoughts visible - out of your head and on to paper. This wonderful technique uses words, colours, pictures, and spatial planning to take notes and record information. One page of a mind map can represent many pages of linear notes

  • The speed with which you can come up with new ideas that help to progress personal and organisational progression is a vital component of creative intelligence

  • Flexibility is vital to observing things from different angles, to consider other points of view and to take old concepts and rearrange them in new ways

  • Originality is a key essence of creative intelligence, it represents the ability to produce ideas that are unusual, unique and eccentric (i.e. away from the centre)

  • The ability to take a central idea and build on it in all directions, developing it, expanding it to elaborate and build a concept is a key feature of creative intelligence

  • Creating association between all concepts is a powerful yet difficult notion to describe. We should embrace all new ideas and views. As combining many different perspectives often helps to create a BRILLIANT NEW IDEA Yo! Sushi is an example of combining many different concepts to create a whole new experience

  • The creative antennae must always be operating - taking in ideas from the wide-ranging experiences we enjoy every day

  • Take time to think - quiet contemplation, peace and quiet are vital to refreshing the creative juices

  • Creative ideas come out of the blue - by embracing the above, originality and Eureka moments will be a regular feature of your life

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