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Creative thinking

To stand out in your community or marketplace and give yourself a competitive edge, you first need to think carefully and creatively about how you can differentiate yourself. You will need to create a mindset that delivers original and innovative thinking. You need to prepare

yourself mentally to generate the inspiration you need. Rather than the usual flashes of inspiration and innovative ideas, you need to try to discipline yourself and train your brain to come up with them on a regular basis. This means setting aside time in your schedule to create the right environment that will be conducive to creative thought.

First, you need to take sanctuary from your busy life. Inspirational thoughts are unlikely to present themselves when you are anxious or stressed, or if you have your mind cluttered with other things. You should allocate a proportion of your time to uninterrupted thought –

ideally 10 to 15 minutes a day. This will help you to work out innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face. By making time for silent reflection, you will be able to focus more clearly on important issues, such as how you can add value to your offer to make it stand out and appeal to your audience.

Connecting more regularly and effectively in this way with your “creative soul” will increase your chances of success. By accessing this zone, you will solve problems more effectively, approach difficult situations more objectively, and come up with better options on how

to progress. When you quieten your mind and tune into your inner voice, you will find a clarity of thought that delivers inspired focus and guidance, taking you closer to your vision.

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