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Customer focus

How is it that some companies always seem to be that one step ahead of the competition? They always seem to be the ones who come up with the new ideas first. They are the ones who never seem to lose customers - and who you worry will target your customers. They are the ones who get the details right. How do they do it? What do they do that the rest of us don't? The answer lies in customer focus.

High growth businesses are almost always customer focused businesses. They are competing against much bigger businesses with much deeper pockets and yet they set the standard. They capture market share, they win when the odds seemed stacked against them. While others proclaim they are customer focused, the winners actually practice customer focus. It's what makes them winners.

So what does true customer focus mean?

What do we have to do to become a genuinely customer focused company?

Try the following:

  • Define Your Customer Road Map

  • Lead From The Front

  • Live In the Customers World

  • Find, Win Keep - Sell, Sell, Sell

  • Be Prepared

  • Make Quality Count

  • Super Service

  • Problem Seeking & Problem Solving

  • Be Unique

  • Spell It Out - Your Value Proposition

  • Lock Them In

  • Sense Of Urgency

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