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Dealing with lonliness

Successful people often talk about the feeling of isolation they experience when pursing their desired aims and objectives. In pursuit of your vision, you are likely to find yourself in the driving seat, making the big decisions and shouldering a lot of the responsibility. You may be the one in charge, or working on your own towards your goal: this can be a lonely place.

Striving for success invariably involves expeditions into the unknown, which will involve you making decisions that few people will have the experience to help you with, so it’s vital that you can work under your own steam, motivate yourself and not give into the insecurities that this situation can bring. This is something you’ll need to face up to and prepare yourself for, but equally you should reduce the feeling of isolation where possible by building your own support network of colleagues and confidantes to help you share the burden and contribute ideas.

With your constant focus on the end game and how to get past the finish line, it’s easy to shut yourself off and think that only you alone are equipped to make the decisions to take your forward. But by withdrawing into yourself you can lose your grip on reality. Other people’s input can broaden your perspective, throw up ideas you may never have thought of, reinforce your belief in yourself and your mission, help inform key decisions, motivate you and ultimately accelerate you towards your vision.

Yes, there will be times when no one can help you and you need to work in isolation, but you should never isolate yourself from those who can provide invaluable help.

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