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Defining a code

Sharing a common set of values is pivotal to the successful operation of a group or team. This is what helps to guide the behaviour of the individuals concerned. It is particularly important in channelling the efforts of a group of disparate individuals that share a common goal, but may display a spectrum of skills, views and opinions – key facets of a strong team.

Such a code of conduct acts as a moral compass that clearly points out the importance of carrying out tasks and dealing with others in a fair and honest way, while defining the correct approach to take in order to achieve this. A team that shares a common set of values will act in a way that is, first, supportive of each other, and second, tuned to achieving the desired goal.

Values provide a bedrock for ethical behaviour, while also creating a high level of consistency in terms of attitude and performance. They also provide a yardstick by which to assess both individuals and the team as a whole from an ethical and moral perspective. Values also lay a benchmark for how to deal with others inside and outside the group,

which in a business environment directly influences internal harmony and external service levels.

It’s vital that every member of your support group or team buys into t for them. They should be close to the hearts of everyone, consisting of ideas and beliefs individuals hold dear. This means the constituent values must be decided on by everyone concerned to create a real sense of ownership and desire to carry them through.

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