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Deliver a clear proposition

Having a clear proposition and articulating it with ruthless simplicity is a skill you must acquire. All too often key messages can get lost in the excessive use of language. The result is that, no matter how strong your offer, your communication fails to resonate with your audience. This lack of engagement could prove fatal if you don’t do something to solve the problem.

Acquiring the skills to be able to deliver your proposition with impact, in an engaging way will significantly enhance your chances of getting others to listen to what you have to say. This is very important as you will often only get one chance to make a point or speak to an individual who could influence what you want to achieve.

When you embrace a mindset that allows you to project what you have to say in a concise and effective way, you engage the interest of others and your opinions are digested and taken on board. When combined with an effective understanding of the needs of others and

a well-prepared pitch, the things you want to say will become much clearer and concise. As a result, they will rapidly engage the attention of others.

Effectively getting across your proposition is something you can work on and hone as time goes by, as you refine your offer and learn from experience. So always remember, practice makes perfect.

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