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Delivering integrity

Living your life within a framework of honesty and trust is key to gaining respect through integrity, and is vital in forging important relationships that can help you get you to where to want to be. Projecting integrity will have a powerful effect on boosting your reputation, which you need to nurture and protect to achieve success. Damaging your reputation can

seriously dent your ambitions. Practising honesty and trust will help you to build a sustainable and highly rewarding life and profession. Your integrity will result in others naturally gravitating towards you.

If someone gains a reputation for being “modest with the truth”, then their standing within their community will suffer, as they will be seen as unprofessional and untrustworthy. The fact is that negative messages spread very fast, and once you have gained a bad reputation,

it can be very difficult indeed to shake off. These days, globalisation and the increasing use of social media channels means that unsavoury behaviours can be communicated to literally thousands of people within a matter of seconds.

Success invariably means that you must build mutually beneficial relationships. These will flourish through the conditions of openness built on a commitment to trust and honesty. This helps to form the basis of highly effective partnerships and teams – ones that are motivated to succeed. You can’t enter into any form of joint venture by simply asking someone to trust you. Trust must be earned, which means that a proactive commitment to honouring the pledges you make will strengthen the bonds with people who are important to you.

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