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Doing more than enough

If you have pinned down your passion and chosen your vision well, you will be highly motivated to follow it through, enjoy the process and take pride in performing as well as you can. This should create the right environment for you to surprise and delight people by not

simply doing what’s required, but also over-performing and delivering extra value.

Doing more than enough will not only impress the people you’re serving and make it difficult for them to go elsewhere, it will also help you build a reputation for offering great value and draw others to you. It’s all about realising that through hard work and loyal commitment to your goals you may from time to time have to put in extra hours or do things that may feel punishing to either your mind or body – quite often both.

The reality is that very few people are willing to push themselves physically and emotionally to over deliver. This may involve working a weekend to complete an important project, staying late at the office to help colleagues complete a critical bid, or spending more time with a pupil struggling to grasp a learning point. By giving a little more, you become respected by your peer group and the opportunities for personal progression are enhanced, because others become engaged by your level of commitment.

You will place yourself well ahead of the competition when you do more than what was expected of you. It is also extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. Think deeply about what you want to achieve and accept that by conditioning your mind to embrace the philosophy of doing more you will become increasingly successful purely by outperforming others.

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