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Don't make assumptions

We can all fall into the trap of making assumptions and then falling flat on our face because we got it wrong. In business and in most jobs, decisions are usually based on facts, however there is a school of thought that says go with your gut feeling.

There are times when we make assumptions about:

  • What customers want

  • The costs associated with certain activities or goods

  • The agenda for a meeting

  • The expectations of a customer

  • The expectations of an audience at a presentation

When the assumptions we make are wrong and misguided the implications can be quite painful as they can often lead to embarrassment, loss of credibility, loss of business, wasted effort, busy fool - the list goes on.

Whilst gut feeling has a very important role to play, decisions should also be based on sound facts and getting the information correct and accurate. The pressure of time and the job can sometimes result in us thinking we have the answer - wrong!

The next time you are making an assumption, sit back and think about the implications - maybe the answer is very simple. Rather than making an assumption pick up the phone and speak to the customer, client or colleague to check that you have got it right! The implications of making assumptions and getting it wrong can often lead to circumstances and situations that we would rather forget!

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